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It is my sincerest wish that plastic surgery patients understand all of the possible ramifications of their decisions so that they may experience a pleasure that many others can only imagine.

For women and men, looking better has a tremendous impact on self-esteem because of their own critical evaluation and because of society’s expectations. The sense of confidence that allows a woman or a man to emanate grace when she or he enters a room stems from within and how they perceive themselves. It is not necessarily something that is bestowed upon them by society or by others’ admiration. All of us arrive at this self-actualization by feeling comfortable in our own skin.

Many facets of an individual’s life contribute to arriving at this personal acceptance. They span across seeing our accomplishments and accolades, appreciating the success of our personal and professional relationships, learning from and accepting our failures, recognizing the beauty and limitations of our physical attributes, and in some cases, exploring the possibility of altering those physical attributes.

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The decision to change one’s appearance, no matter how small that change may be, is a highly personal one, often accompanied by uncertainty. If you believe that improving one or more of your physical attributes will provide a greater degree of personal comfort, then exploring the possibility of plastic surgery or some of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures is a reasonable option.

The consultation process is critically important and I take whatever time you need to determine if these procedures are right for you. There is no “standard procedure”. Each patient in my practice is a unique individual and is treated as such. Some may require plastic surgery to achieve their goals, while others may benefit from a minor non-surgical approach for their care. Together, you and I will customize your entire treatment to meet your specific needs. My goal is to utilize the most advanced surgical or non-surgical techniques required to achieve your objectives. My commitment is to provide concierge personal service, maximize your safety and create your best natural cosmetic outcome. Plastic surgery may not add years to your life, but it is my sincere hope that it adds life to your years.

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